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Great app that curates all info from IPhone

This was the only app I found that helped me curate different files including contact information and photos from the iPhone into a PDF file. I was then able to send it to my printer easily, albeit not all my printers only the airdrop enabled ones. It also connects to your cloud drives to curate files there too...this was what’s missing from my life.


I am looking for a wireless printer purchase this app will not work waste of money


I wasted my money too!!!! Was led to believe that it would work on printers besides Apple Air. This was not true.

Watch out!

If your printer does not support “air print” don’t get this app because it won’t work! As far as I can tell this is not mentioned. I just spent the money for this app and can’t use because my epson doesn't support air printing. Wasted money.

This app is quite good

Works great as a scanner to create PDF files. I use this at work instead of the office scanner and it saves time.

App did not work !

I’m sorry but this app is garbage and I feel I was just robbed of $6.99 American dollars. It did not work on my iPad Air 2 at all. The page came out with just two parallel lines. It’s so bad , I couldn’t rate it. You must make it better and if possible refund my $6.99 because this was highway robbery.

Very good app!

I needed to create a PDF document out of a handwritten form and this app did the trick!

This app is so useful!

I love the air printer app for my iPhone and iPad to be able to print easily directly from my devices with no hassle.


One thing I love about this app is that it can be controlled wirelessly. Moreover, I can take control on the setting just like I m using a PC. The best Printing app I’ve ever used.


Air printer app has easy printer setting to print your documents straight from your iPhone or iPad.

Awesome !

AirPrint is a great app and works great together with my iPhone and HP Laserjet printer! Photos come out a full 8x11 on paper and so do documents !

Very user friendly app!

Great app! Easy to set up and use. If you're looking for something to make document printing more convenient - highly recommend to get it.

Doesn't work with my Epson ... waste of money

Installed the app ... doesn't recognize my Epson WF-3540 no matter what I've tried

Does not work period

owing to take off IPad this does not work at all I did not look at enough of the reviews before sending these dummies money so don't fall for the good AD just stay away. Thanks

Doesn't work. Don't waste your money!!

Installed and it saw my printer but very time I go to what I want to print and select my printer the whole app shuts down.

Does not work with Dell printers!

Just bought this app and I have a Dell printer, and according to the details it is suppose to work with Dell printers. After installing this app, I attempted to connect to my Dell printer and it could not find my printer while I was standing right next to it. Wasted my money! I would not even give this app one lousy star, but I have to in order for my review to be accepted! 😡

App does not work!!!

I am a sysadmin and can't get this POS App to work. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could put 0 stars I would

Biggest rip off I have ever seen !!! It does absolutely nothing !!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!! DO NOT BUY!!!!!! PLS DONT GIVE PEOPLE LIKE THIS ANYMORE MONEY ....

Don't bother

Waste of money. Won't print anything

Great app!

Works great I installed this and it worked perfectly the first time. I have tried many different applications for printing in this 1 works flawlessly so far.

Nice app!

This app is stable and very convenient!! Recommend it!!!!!!!

great app

The application makes document printing more convenient. It works very well with many printer series I like it most at this point.

Perfect for outdoor using

This app provide a lot of wonderful function that helps you print easily even you're out of the office. Super nice.

Super easy to set-up and use

My printer was connected in six minutes and I was immediately printing from my iPhone moments later. This app does the job for me. I would recommend it to everyone.


Overall just a great app. Runs smooth and is perfect for my printer. Just what I was looking for.

No need for printer anymore

I used so much printer on my business for all my employers, but when someone recommended me this and i tried , im not using anymore printers . All the work you can do in this app, very fast , very easy , very friendly app. Now all my business use this app, its very highly recommended by me .

Best way to print out web page.

This app had totally alive my biggest problem which is print out desktop web page outside! This app also had a lot of useful functions that you should never missed!

Makes AirPrint even better.

The apple AirPrint function is already a very very brilliant invention.but this app just make it ever better. Available to edit files before sending it to the printer. Connect with Cloud severs and could also print PDF only. Such a great app.

Works great app

Very convenient app, connect well, so powerful so cool app!

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